Combining essential oils, extracted from plants, with specialised massage techniques, Aromatherapy is the ultimate in stress reduction and relaxes both the mind and the body.

After an individual consultation, essential oils with their therapeutic properties, are hand blended to suit specific needs.


Facial including Neck and Shoulder Massage
Sinus and Lymph drainage facial
Back Massage
Neck and shoulders only



This simple but effective treatment has been popular in India for over 1,000 years and has been used to ease tension and eliminate the stresses of the day. It also keeps the scalp and hair healthy and in good condition.

After applying warm oil to the hair, a gentle but stimulating massage is given to the head, neck and shoulders. The massage concludes with warm towels being wrapped around your head leaving you feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed.

Head, Neck and Shoulders


What my clients say:

Jatinder DTo anyone looking for massage, reflexology, beauty treatments/pampering in the Croydon area,  Karen Hansford is the lady to get in touch with. Totally recommend her above all others in that area. One of the most genuine, funny, kind, knowlegable in her art, down to earth, friend and my personal saviour for years as she taught me by my experience of the reflexology she gave me how healthful this is... So go on, give her a call she will sort you out!


For more information on aromatherapy, pay a visit to the International Federation of Aromatherapists web site.

For further information on this type of massage, why not visit the Indian Champissage website?




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